Tom & Tegan’s Wedding Video / I Palazzi – San Lorenzo a Linari, Siena

Tom & Tegan's Wedding Video / I Palazzi - San Lorenzo a Linari, Siena

How did you guys meet?

We met on Hinge, the dating app! Tom was about to delete the app as he wasn’t having much luck and Tegan was on day 2 of the app! Forever thankful Tom waited to delete it!

Why did you want us to capture your wedding day? How do you think you’ll feel watching everything back in years to come?

Your story telling is incomparable. I find myself getting emotional watching complete strangers’ videos because your edits, music choice and moments captured are just always spot on.

I remember watching my parents (incredibly fuzzy and shaky) wedding video from 1991 as a little girl and it was so special seeing people who were no longer with us, or seeing the family together. I know that these films will be treasured for many many years to come.

Tell me about the proposal – I love hearing these stories

Tom and I started speaking in February 2020 and were all set to meet right as we locked down at the start of the pandemic. This led us to have our first date as a FaceTime but also meant that we really got to know each other before meeting.

Fast forward a few months and we are able to meet one person from other households outside so Tom and I planned a picnic in a local village called Flatford. We overlooked the Suffolk hills and just chatted for hours.

Fast forward another 3 years, a house bought, many road trips taken, a business started and we returned to the same spot where Tom had found pictures of us over the 3 years and had hidden the ring in the bottom of the picnic basket. It was perfect, sentimental and really special just as the two of us.

What do you guys do for a living? How do spend your free time?

Tom works in construction – he is a Senior Technology Consultant! Basically designs where internet, security, cameras, etc go in to large building projects in London! I co-own a bridal shop in Sudbury, Suffolk!

In our free time Tom is a massive Ipswich Town football fan so is sure to watch as many games as possible and travel to see the games if he needs to! Running my own business unfortunately doesn’t give me too much free time but I do love to read when I can and spend time with my family and friends!

Why did you choose the wedding venue? What was special about it when you saw it for the first time?

We knew we wanted a smaller wedding. Tom is part of a very large friend group and really doesn’t like being centre of attention so we knew getting married in England was going to mean 100s of guests which was quite daunting.

I fell in love with Tuscany in 2019 and just had a “feeling” it was where I would eventually get married. We planned the wedding quite quickly (10 months) so our options for available venues (within budget) was a little limited but as soon as we found San Lorenzo we felt it was meant to be.

Driving up the driveway and seeing the house for the first time is a moment I’ll never forget. It ticked every box – it was charming, well maintained, had great views and most importantly, all of our guests could stay with us! The team, the rooms, the food, everything was just perfect and I still get a little emotional when I think about it!

Tell me about the vision you have for your wedding. What experience did you wish to give your guests?

We wanted our wedding to feel relaxed, unique and fun! We wanted our guests to feel like they had arrived to their home away from home. I made sure to give little personalized touches in each guest room (a “Amore” canvas tote, a thank you note and a detailed itinerary).

We had a pizza party to welcome everyone and to get excited for the day ahead. The actual day was perfect as guests were able to relax by the pool, play football, tennis, walk around, just really make the space their own before getting ready to celebrate.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time?

Oohh this is a good question! If you were to ask Tom, he would probably say something like….”to be freelance with work so can be more flexible to WFH to spend time with our dogs and kids.

Oh and Ipswich will be promoted and in the Premier League…” I would say that I will have grown the business to a point where having a more balanced work/home life is possible. I would hope that we are blessed with children (and probably a dog) but if not, we would both love to travel more and explore the world!

Ultimately, just that we will still be supporting each other, being each others best friends and continuing to love as fiercely as we do!

VENUE I Palazzi – San Lorenzo a Linari

VIDEOGRAPHY Gustav Franke Cinematography

PHOTOGRAPHER Benni Carol Photography

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