About Me

My love for people and storytelling is at the heart of what I do. The films I create aren’t about me, but rather the greatest gift I can give to you – a timeless film that captures the essence of you as a couple. The thought of you showing your film to your children and grandchildren is big part of what inspires me as a wedding filmmaker.

I hope that when you watch your film for the first time, it gives you goosebumps, brings tears of joy and perhaps even nostalgia to your eyes, for you to go on a rollercoaster of emotions as you relive all the mometns that swept by too fast for you to take in on the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cape Town, South Africa

Yes, I absolutely love to travel, locally and internationally. Whether it’s a wedding in Durban or Tuscany, I’m in. I just charge for flights, and other travel costs. It won’t be any extra work on your part, as I’ll handle the booking of my transport and accommodation. 

I value a strong connection all of my brides and grooms, and understanding your story and the significance of your wedding. This allows me to capture your day in a way that I feel best represents you as people, and your relationship. My films are crafted so that you feel proud to show your friends and family for years to come, and so that you can’t wait to sit down one day and show your kids this magical occasion, frozen in time. 

I film a limited number of weddings, probably 1 or 2 per month, and this allows me to give each couple the most value and time that I can. 

At most 90 days. I usually try and complete my films within a month, but external factors sometimes don’t allow for this. I do offer an express service, where I complete the films within 2 weeks, while you’re still recovering from your honeymoon.  

I shoot most of my weddings with a second cinematographer. It allows us to be in two places at once, and so capture your wedding in a three-dimensioal way. However, I’ve captured dozens of weddings on my own, and in many cases it’s hard to tell which was captured solo and which with a second cinematographer.

I understand that art is subjective, so the thing that matters to me most is if my films move you deeply. My focus is on timeless stories, using film and editing techniques that mimic that of cinema and documentaries, which is where my background lies. It’s not just about having the memories, but how those memories are weaved into something beautiful and meaningful to you. 

I love to tell stories, and films have been a passion of mine since I can remember. Yes, I’m filming your wedding, but to me it’s much more than that. I’m capturing you as a couple, the sound of your voice when you gave that moving speech, the winks you gave each other, the tears that you didn’t expect to roll down your cheek when you saw your fiancée walking down the aisle, the connection with your closest friends and family, and all the other moments in between. I see it as a celebration of your love, your commitment to each other, and a day you get to share with your dearest loved ones. It’s a privilege to film these moments, and then tell the story in a way that takes you back every time you watch your wedding film. 

It’s a blend of documentary filmmaking, and cinema nouveau. On the day, there’l be times when you don’t notice me, and that’s when the most natural shots happen. I will rarely ask you to pose, and prefer to document the day as it naturally unfolds. In terms of my editing, you’ll notice I use predominantly modern classical music tracks in my films, and this comes from for arthouse films, where the music is often subtle, beautiful, and emotionally riveting. 

I’d love to hear your story, and why you’d like to book me for your big day. Please fill out the contact form, or otherwise feel free to call or email me directly. I’m also a fan of face-to-face conversations, or otherwise Zoom calls if meeting in person isn’t possible. 

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