Chris & Kelly / Homestead Wedding video

Chris & Kelly | Homestead Wedding Video

How did you guys meet?

We met while both of us were on holiday in Hong Kong. A friend and I put together a little exhibition at a local skate shop one night, and Kelly happened to be there. We got to talking, and I found out she was also visiting from where we both lived: Korea.

She also happened to be living only one neighbourhood over. We started dating after a few months of working together at coffee shops and movie nights, and that brings us here.

Why did you want us to capture your wedding day? How do you think you’ll feel watching everything back in years to come?

While we knew from the start who we wanted to photograph out wedding, it took some time to find the right videographers. Much of the wedding videography we saw just wasn’t quite to our taste.

But the work we saw here had more subtlety and less flash, which suited us well. I’m sure it’ll be fun to look back at what our wedding was like, and to relive the happy memories. We had and amazing day with our friends and family.

Tell me about the proposal – I love hearing these stories

Our engagement happened during a camping trip along the coast of Korea. Chris had scouted out a secluded spot months earlier, and during our trip we hiked up to a pass where there was a quiet stream surrounded by trees. It was the perfect proposal for the two of us–private, memorable, and in nature.

What do you guys do for a living? How do spend your free time?

We are both freelancers, in illustration and photography respectively. When not working on our own creative projects, we enjoy climbing, hiking, and spending time in our favorite Seoul neighborhoods.

Why did you choose the wedding venue? What was special about it when you saw it for the first time?

We wanted a venue that was intimate and had a lush outdoor space. We weren’t able to visit in person, so we relied on online sleuthing and recommendations from friends.

In all, we were happy upon landing in Cape Town and checking out the venue just days before our ceremony that the space was exactly how we had imagined it.

Tell me about the vision you have for your wedding. What experience did you wish to give your guests?

We wanted to be able to spend time with our loved ones and to have a relaxed atmosphere for everyone to meet and enjoy the evening together. We wanted our guests to walk away feeling like they had been a significant part of our day.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time?

We see ourselves running our studio together and continuing to build our life around our family, friends, and our creative projects.



VIDEOGRAPHY Gustav Franke Cinematography

PHOTOGRAPHER Love Made Visible

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