Gaurish & Sivani | Proposal Video on Signal Hill, Cape Town

Gaurish & Sivani / Signal Hill Proposal

Gaurish and Sivani flew to Cape Town for the first time all the way from Chicago. 

After exploring the city for a few days, they were on their way to a restaurant in town, when Gaurish suggested the go one more time up Signal Hill for sunset. This also happened to be one of the windiest days in Cape Town for months!

Sivani reluctantly agreed, and in high heels followed Gaurish along the path to where myself and Christene (photographer) were pretending to take pictures of the scenery. 

They walked past us, greeted us, and 20 metres later stopped to appreciate the views, while desperately holding onto each other in the 80 km/h gusts of wind. Gaurish began to speak, and those first moments, all the way until the moment she says “Yes”, can be seen in this touching film below.

VIDEOGRAPHY Gustav Franke Cinematography

PHOTOGRAPHER Christene De Coning Photography

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