Suikerbossie Wedding Video / Hout Bay

Suikerbossie Wedding Video / Hout Bay

Why did you want your Suikerbossie wedding captured on video?
“So we can look back on the day and enjoy it for the years to come. A close friend of mine recommended having a video because as a little girl she always enjoyed watching her parents wedding video. It will capture all the happy memories in action.”

Why did you pick me as your wedding videographer? 
“We found you on Instagram and just liked the way you captured the special moments.”

“Robyn is a personal assistant for Barclays in the Corporate Real Estate Department. Stephen works as a landscape gardener for Wimbledon Garden Services. Family and friendships are most important to us.”

“It happened on Friday the 08 May 2020 during lockdown in the UK – it was also VE day (a Public holiday in the UK). I had gone out early to the shops (in my gym clothes) and Steve was at home. When I came home Steve asked me to go for a walk with him (as there wasn’t much else to do and our usual walk was around Tooting Common close to our flat at the time) I insisted on going in my gym clothes but Steve insisted i get changed into something nice … It did not occur to me that he was going to propose. We went for a walk around our area at the time (Tooting) and ended up walking in Tooting Common. Steve insists that he was tired and wanted to sit down under a beautiful big tree. (As the sun was shining for once in the UK!) So we sat down and the next minute he is proposing to me. I was in such shock that I asked if he was joking… haha. It was a great surprise. When we got home we informed our families and cracked open a bottle of champagne we had been saving for a special occasion.”

“We loved the views and we wanted a location in Cape Town with a sea view. We had only heard good things about Suikerbossie.”
“An unforgettable, happy evening filled with lots of love and laughter. Especially after the two years that we have all had!”
“Seeing Robyn for the first time walking down the aisle. Walking back up the aisle together and to see everyone happy and dancing the night away.”

VENUE Suikerbossie

DECOR Happinest Hire 

HAIR Sable the Salon

FLOWERS  Bouwer Flowers

VIDEOGRAPHY Gustav Franke Cinematography

PHOTOGRAPHER  Nikki van Diermen

DRESS Madi Lane Bridal

MAKE UP Make Up and Delight