Alex & Dounita | Die Woud Wedding Video

Alex & Dounita | Die Woud Wedding Video

How did you guys meet?

It is a bit of a long and winding path. We first met in Qatar in 2008 and a few times on and off after that, but it was just cordial. Alex returned to SA and about a year later, I went to finish my studies, and we reconnected, and as they say, the rest is history.

Why did you want us to capture your wedding day? How do you think you’ll feel watching everything back in years to come?

We knew that the day will fly past and there would be things that we would not have seen. You captured all the moments, even the ones we missed and that is wonderful.

I think 1 year or 20 years from now, it will be our family and friends that made our wedding day so special and memorable, and of course our lovely Romeo.

Tell me about the proposal – I love hearing these stories

We were camping in a remote area on the beach in Banga Nek, and went looking for turtles one evening. It was quite romantic, walking on the beach with beautiful moonlight, when Alex asked the question.

What do you guys do for a living? How do spend your free time?

Alex is a Financial advisor and I am a Pilot. We like to travel and try to have new experiences as often as possible.

Why did you choose the wedding venue? What was special about it when you saw it for the first time?

It was the glass building nestled in the woods. It is just so beautiful and thought it would go well with our idea for the wedding.

Tell me about the vision you had for your wedding. What experience did you wish to give your guests?

I wanted to create an elegant and ethereal magical feeling, with lanterns and fairy lights. The venue lends itself to well to this with the beautiful trees and the glass building.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time?

Enjoying more and more adventures together.

VENUE Die Woud

PLANNER Nicolette Weddings 

VIDEOGRAPHY Gustav Franke Cinematography

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