Stephen & Casssandra | Strandkombuis Wedding Video

Stephen & Cassandra | Strandkombuis Wedding Video

How did you guys meet?

We met 10 years ago but never spoke to each other.

Why did you want us to capture your wedding day? How do you think you’ll feel watching everything back in years to come?

I liked your cinematography. I would like to capture moments of how we felt in our youth, in our moment of bliss. How important this day is for us. The people we shared our special day with. Family that may not be here anymore. All of this moments I would like to share with my children.

Tell me about the proposal 

Stephen surprise Cassandra! He told her (me) to pack her bags we are going on a trip. I was excited and nervous arriving at the airport. We got our tickets to hoedspruit! On arrival this game care collected is from the airport. We stayed at this one of a kind lodge Kampala kurula. After having lunch we walked down to the room to relax and to my surprise there was rose petals everywhere, chocolates and champagne. A photographer jumped out the corner and started taking pictures of us. Stephen walked me to the private pool and got down on 1 knee. It was beautiful and what an amazing experience. So close to nature.

What do you guys do for a living? How do spend your free time?

Stephen is a Forex trader and I am starting my new business in Portugal. An immersive experience.

Why did you choose the wedding venue? What was special about it when you saw it for the first time?

We almost got married in Ithaki where my family is from. We decided to look in SA instead as it’s still our home. I transitioned into beach weddings across Cape Town band found this venue. Stephen and I went to many many venues but when we saw this place we both loved it. It is rustic and down to earth. That’s what we wanted to feel on our special day.

Tell me about the vision you have for your wedding. What experience do you wish to give your guests?

I want our guests to feel love. To share our excitement with us. I want you to feel like you are at home with us.

Where do you see yourselves in 10 years time?

Cassandra -Mom and investor. Stephen -happily ever after

VENUE Strandkombuis

MAKE UP Tittewyt H&M

FLOWERS Bouwer Flowers

VIDEOGRAPHY Gustav Franke Cinematography

PHOTOGRAPHER Aglow Photography

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