Webersburg Wine Estate / Wedding Video

Webersburg Wine Estate / Wedding Video

A memento of a beautiful moment in our story.
We love your intimate, unobstructive filming style and meticulous and considerate approach to editing. The final products always speak for themselves.
Byron is an entrepreneur, who owns a performing arts academy in Cape Town, and who teaches piano and singing. Jason is an UIX designer. We find experiences that make lasting memories most important in life.
On a warm day in December, just after Christmas, along a hiking route in the Drakensberg Mountains – a place called Monks Cowl. Byron popped the question, when there was a lull in the foot traffic and the rest is history 🙂
The relaxed, casual atmosphere on the day. Our entrance into the reception. Our first dance. The Ice Age flash mob 🙂
A relaxed vibe to catch up after a long time apart.
We are grateful for everyone who took time to celebrate, support and show their love for us on our special day.

VENUE Webersburg Wine Estate

VIDEOGRAPHY Gustav Franke Cinematography

PHOTOGRAPHER Crazy Little Thing Photography

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